Aar Records | Entertainer Jatt
The founder of Aar records is Mr. R.BAWA who has been in this industry since he was in his early age of 20. He has started learnt music from his gurus late Shri.Mastar Amar Chand ji and Shri Master Girdhari Laal ji. Apart from all this he always says about his family member who supporting him a lot specially BAWA BROTHERS (Rajesh & Rakesh) and their friends specially Dinesh ji who is brilliant artist and human being in the Punjabi music industry. He always encourage him and give his support to take further step for good achievement in his life. Rajiv always wanted to open a music company for upliftment of new talent and there establishment. He started a plan to open a company in 2016 and Eventually , he opened a company in 2017 under name Aar records. The purpose of AAR Records. is to inspire industrious and innovative music culture(s). Aar Records provide publicists, who assist performers in gaining positive media coverage, and arrange for their merchandise to be available via stores and other media outlets. Aar records is not just a company it’s about the department of the record label responsible for the promotion and general exploitation of an artist’s output.