Aman Yanak | Entertainer Jatt
Aman Yanak started his singing at an early age of 16 from the streets of pind ‘Loham’ in Ferozepur (Punjab). His new album ‘College - Yaadan da Kaffla’ is in stores now. Firstly, Aman and his friend Babal Tehna (who himself is punjabi song writer), Together they started with ‘Pind Wal Chaliye’ song on Youtube in 2008, followed by ‘Dil Pathar’, ‘Saza Kale Pani Di’, Sikh Kaum’, ‘Dukhan Di Daru’ and ‘College – Harmonium Mix’. The new album ‘College - Yaadan da Kaffla’ has songs written by famous Punjabi song writers Jind Swara and Raj Kakra, along with songs written by dear friend and upcoming writer ‘Babal Tehna’ and ‘Late Gurnam Sidhu’. Music is by ‘Pav Dharia’ and ‘Anu Manu’.