Navi Buttar | Entertainer Jatt
Born in Gurdaspur (Punjab), Navi first started venturing into the world of Sangeet at the early age of 16. Gaining confidence from his peers and elders he went on to perform at a host of local and interstate functions. He moved to Australia in 2008 where he once again met with his mentor and child-hood friend, Rocky Bhullar. Rocky then pushed him to take his singing abilities to the next step and in doing so introduced him to well known local music producer, Jaskurn Gosal. Jaskurn realised that this kid had talent and started working on a few projects with him including his debut track Dil De De which is to be featured in Jaskurn's album 'myTunes'. Navi was also determined to work with other producers which led him to a meeting with the in demand and upcoming Melbourne-based producer, Pav Dharia. With an abundance of confidence and talent up his sleeve, this is only the beginning for Navi. Watch out for his debut tracks coming out soon, being accompanied by world class videos by Sandeep Sharma & Pav Dharia, due to hit your screen soon. Navi Buttar....Remember the name!