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10 Reasons Why You Should Pick Music as a Career

We live in a society where doctors, engineers and lawyers are still the most favorite and lucrative career options.  A significant number of graduate folks opt for these career options and the music is probably one of the very few career options that people pick for themselves owing to the risks involved. This post highlights top 10 reasons why you should pick music as a career.


Music has an intense effect in our lives. It reflects our emotions, soothes our sadness and tells us how to feel as the soundtrack plays. Everyone at some point in their lives has touched by music in some way or another. With an unprecedented growth in Punjabi music and entertainment industry, career options in this industry have gained popularity among the graduates. Now, the music industry is not only known to unleash the creativity but also to pursue it as the mainstream profession.


1.    Driven By Passion

Unlike professions like engineering, doctorate and law, music is what you choose because you are passionate about the field. Your decision to choose music as a career sets you apart from the crowd, by showing that you possess the creativity and artistic vision which have become increasingly rare in today's workforce.


2.    Versatility

If you are a musician, you know making music involves complex interaction of mental, physical, and spiritual procedures. When you learn how to make a good music, you don't simply learn how to sing or play an instrument. As a music student, you will learn all the other skills like effective communication, confidence, command over the literature and hard work that you can apply to any other job you choose.


3.    Multiple Career Options

You don’t have a melodious voice but certainly you have that love and passion for the music. Passion followed by hard work is your ticket to enter the Punjabi music industry. Other than being a singer and musician, there are countless career options in the 21st century with regards to music. Composers, performers, producers, recording engineers, music teacher, designers, live sound engineers are among others.


4.    Creative Outlet

Music is a creative outlet. Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. We listen to and create music that reflects our mood and inner conscience.


5.    The booming industry

Gone are the days when 9-5 job was the only way to run families and enjoy a standard of living. There are people who want much from life than just coffee breaks, appraisals and privileged leaves. For such people, the music industry opens door to a number of opportunities. 

In the coming years, the increasing demand for audio content will soon make you realize how lucrative a career in music is.


6.    An endless journey

No one can claim that they know everything about music. Music is an endless journey; only limited by your imagination. A career in music is never going to become obsolete or boring as there will always be the demand for music!


7.    Punjabi Music is unique

Punjabi music is one of the most popular forms of music not only in India, but even in overseas countries like the United Kingdom, Canada and America. The diversity of this music form, which includes folk, Sufi, classical and catchy pop songs, makes it one of the most tuned into forms of music.


8.    Music Education is now in India

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket by joining exorbitant costly international music courses. Music education in India offers great value for money and can successfully launch your career.


9.    Explore the world!

As a musician, you get a chance to travel across the world and get to explore it from an artistic vision.


10.    Character Building

Music builds traits like humbleness, patience and hard work. Artists are taught to be humble about their impact.