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3 Ways to Become a Professional Rapper

Gone are the days when there were only songs. Today, there is a rap in each song. This has made a huge impact in our Punjabi music industry and day by day new rappers are originating from different parts of the country. Rap music is an art and a powerful form of expressions. It gives a voice and an empowering sense of identity to young people who feel like no one listens to their music.


Rap is the genre of music that tells stories rhythmically. The ingredients of rap music include content, rhythm, rhyme and perfect timings. Rapping can be delivered over a beat or without any soundtrack. Rapping is often considered as a primary component of hip-hop music. We have all heard rap before. Whether it is on a TV commercial, coming from a friend's car, or at a dance club, rap is one of the most popular and distinctive vocal techniques in the world today.


Becoming a professional rapper is not easy. There will always be hurdles and competition that will make you doubt your decision. But if you keep yourself dedicated about making great music, building a fanbase and getting the right connections, you too can make it possible.  


The post is intended to highlight 3 ways to become a professional rapper:


  1. Learn to put words together with rhythm, rhyme and patterns of meaning: Rapping is all about putting lyrics in a rhythmic manner and in some cases expressing words using a variety of linguistic devices, such as alliteration, repetition and wordplay. A good rap is all about telling a story while also being on the beat. The best way to understand the power of words and use them effectively is study literature, poetry and music. Practice calling your routine sentences in a rhyme scheme. This will provide you an insight about how words flow together. Also, make a habit of writing. Pen down any lyrics that come into your head throughout the day and don’t be afraid to experiment!
  2. Listen to as much hip-hop as possible: Rap is considered as a primary component of hip-hop music and to be a good rapper you must discover the intricacies of hip-hop music.Listen actively to as many major labels as possible. Closely watch their moves, styles and skills. Conduct a research on history and hip-hop culture and try to understand the fundamentals of it. Listen to artists that you don’t like as well. This will help you figure out what attracts the audience and how to prepare for it.
  3. Practice your delivery: “Practice makes the man perfect”. The same is true when you aim to build your career as a professional rapper.  Having the greatest lyrics and a brief knowledge about the music is not enough until you can't rap them with confidence, zeal, flow and charisma. Practice rapping your lyrics loudly and passionately. The more you practice your rhymes, the better they'll get. Try different speeds, volumes, ranges and places to pause for breath. Once you think that you got the command, get the instrumental version of your rap.


Stated earlier also, becoming a professional Punjabi rapper isn’t easy but the silver lining is it’s not harder. These 3 tips will put you ahead of thousands of rappers.