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How to Start Your Singing Career?

So you dream of being on the stage. You dream the massive crowd to roar in appreciation when you hit the perfect high note. You want your voice to be your identity. But you wonder how are you ever going to make this dream a reality? How will you start your singing career and the ‘D-day’ will come when you will release your debut album? This post is for anyone getting started their singing career.


First of all, you are already a singer. Only 1% of the population is genuinely tone deaf, the other 99% can learn to sing. Some people have more natural talent but almost everybody can succeed at singing if the put their best. So, the very first important trait you need is to believe in yourself and your dream.  Albeit, there is a huge competition out there but whenever you have doubts, remember your dream and proceed. The next thing you need to consider is discover your singing style. Start experimenting with different genres of music. This will help you figure out your vocal range and singing zone that comes naturally to you. Additionally, you need to figure out what kind of performance works best for you- Are you comfortable as a solo singer, a performer or a playback singer?


Once you have acknowledged your talent, the best way to cultivate it is practice and hard work. Every singer you admire had started from somewhere. They weren’t always perfect, indeed not as good as they are. What made them successful and recognized (ignoring the luck factor) is their hard work. After all, a lot of practice is needed to get command over voice lessons and instruments, addressing your strong and weak areas as a singer and to make yourself adaptable in the competitive industry environment. Even the most successful singers spend years working on their voices and building strong singing skills.


Then focus on how you can make yourself stand out of the crowd. Try experimenting songs that you haven’t heard before. That way, you will be able to add your own distinct flavor to your singing.  You need to avoid copying what people have already heard exactly. Work on keeping things original and fresh as much as you can. Further, if you want to know how to become a singer, you need help from others who are more experienced! Conduct a thorough research on the singers you admire. Closely analyze their live performances, how they connect with their audience and take a note of their stage presence. Also, track their journey (their beginning, training and the obstacles) and see how they got to where they are today.  This might work as an inspiration in your way towards your dream.


Last but not the least comes the role of hiring a talent agent like EntertainerJatt. Many talented singers will never break into the music industry until they get the right guidance and direction. And even if they managed to enter, the possibility of their sustenance is hard. Agents with their experience and strong connections in the industry can sense the talent inside you and will guide you appropriately.


Remember these tips as you are going to step into your dream industry- The Music Industry. Hopefully, these tips can act as powerful tools in your singing career journey!