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How to choose your vocal duet?

Nooran Sisters, Meet Brothers, Wadali Brothers, the list of vocal duets is endless.


Most people think duet is a musical work for two performers where one part being a melody and the secondary part harmonizes with that melody. Others think duet as an artwork where both the part are independent and separate yet they still harmonize when presented together.  The most important thing about singing in pair is choosing a partner whose singing voice blends perfectly with yours. Selecting the right vocal duet can make the song sound more cheerful and thus making singing a pleasant experience!


The post is intended to highlight few points to consider when choosing your vocal duet:


Pick a song you both like

Thera are many duets out there ranging from folk to contemporary and romantic to sad. Pick a song that reflects both voices whether singing same sexes or opposite. The best test to know the song you love is “The shower test”. The song you love to sing in the shower is probably the song you love the most!

Remember, never pick a song that is out of vocal range of any one of the duo. However, if you find the perfect song and the only issue is it slightly falls out of comfortable part of your range, change it easily to a more comfortable key.


Practice your parts alone and then together.

First work hard at learning your own vocal part and then practice as a team. If both of you would try to sing together at the same time, it’s going to be difficult. It is best if you are both feeling solid and comfortable on your own parts before putting them together. Also, explore different duet combinations — some voices blend more than others, and if the duet is not working for some reason, it could be because your voices are clashing. You and your partner should be working as a team.


Not all duets are between opposite sexes:

A duet is when any two people sing and share a song together; they could be male and female, female and female, or male and male. Not all duets are between opposite sexes nor do they all need to be love songs.


Interact and Respond to your partner:

A duet would be sung by both singers at the same time so it important that there should be some chemistry between them. When singing a duet song, there must be an eye contact between the two of you. If it is a romantic song being sung between two of the same sexes, it is important that there must be presence about each of you, which reveals feelings such as humor or friendship between two of you.