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How to Effectively Utilize Social Media as a Band

If you have just started your career as a musician or have your own band, the foremost concern that comes to the mind is about its promotion and how to get the kind of attention that major labels get.

The Punjabi music industry is evolving day-by-day, therefore, the competition is getting fired up and in order to grow your fan base and make money, effective marketing strategy is the cornerstone of your music career. Regardless of whether you are a solo performer or a band, one of the most cost-effective and proven marketing tactics is to embrace Social Media.


There are tons of Social Media platforms out there to market your band without having to spend a penny. Some of the most popular platforms for musicians include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr, but there are countless other websites also where artists can share their artwork, interact with their fans and express themselves as artists. This blog post intends to highlight the advantages of different Social Media channels for the musicians and bands:


  1. Sharing Music

For any artist, it is essential that they could share their art to a wider audience and in the case of musicians or bands it’s MUSIC. Sharing music via Social Media platforms provides an opportunity to the artists to reach a wider and loyal audience globally without any intervention of publicity agencies or consultants.


  1. Interactions

The beauty of Social Media is that it creates a two-way communication channel between artists and its audience.Apart from sharing their music, bands/artists can use Social Media as an effective platform to get engaged with their fans and followers. Artists can share about their personal life and discuss their views on social, religious and political topics over social media. On the other hand, fans get to discover more about the artists they admire and they get to express their views on any content shared- be it a music album or an artwork. This makes fans feel more connected and fans take pride in being the avid and dedicated fans.


  1. Networking with other artists

Marketing, especially in the digital world, is all about staying up to date on the latest trends and finding the strategy that works for you. The best way to do this is to network with other artists in the industry so you can see which are successful with their Social Media strategies. Surprisingly, you will learn just as much, if not more, from those who aren’t using digital marketing properly. You can also have a look at the people who they’re following and those who are following them (and don’t forget to connect with them!).


  1. Announcements

Gone are the days when any band had to wait for an opportunity to be on air (Radio) or talk to the audience about their upcoming projects. Now, with the advent of Social Media any band- professional or amateur, established or startup, big or small; finds it most convenient and fastest channel to announce their upcoming shows, new releases and gigs among their fan base.


  1. Drive Sales

In the older days, making money as a musician revolved around performing shows and getting your songs played on the radio to drive sales of your record. But now, the best way for musicians to make money is to embrace the digital world and drive sales through subscription services.


Social Media, if utilized effectively and in an ethical way can be proven as the best ways for word-of-mouth publicity and can get any startup bands the same recognition that only top notch and well- established bands have.